He is something special to you, provided to god, to complete the service of your own tent regarding meeting

17 May، 2022
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He is something special to you, provided to god, to complete the service of your own tent regarding meeting

They are going to be a perpetual statute through your generations, and you will among the many individuals of Israel it shall have no heredity

step one Therefore the LORD thought to Aaron, “You and your sons as well as your dad’s house or apartment with you’ll bear iniquity associated with the retreat, while plus sons with you shall bear iniquity linked with your priesthood. dos In accordance with you take your brothers and additionally, new group away from Levi, the brand new tribe of your own father, that they may signup both you and minister for your requirements although you plus sons with you was before tent of your testimony. 3 It will continue shield over you and across the whole tent, but should not started close to the vessels of one’s retreat or even the fresh new altar lest they, and you also, die. 4 It shall signup you and keep protect across the tent from conference when it comes to services of your tent, and no outsider should already been towards you. 5 Therefore shall remain guard along the sanctuary as well as the newest altar, there get never again feel wrath to your folks of Israel. six And you may view, I have drawn your own brothers the newest Levites out of one of the somebody away from Israel. 7 And also you as well as your sons to you should protect the priesthood for all that inquiries the altar and that is within the brand new veil; and you also should suffice. I promote your priesthood while the a gift, step one and any outsider who happens near is going to be put so you can demise.”

Nonetheless, new firstborn of son you shall get, in addition to firstborn out-of dirty pets you’ll receive

8 Then your LORD spoke to help you Aaron, “View, I have offered your charge of your contributions designed to me personally, every consecrated one thing of the people regarding Israel. You will find considering these to your as a percentage and the sons as a perpetual due. nine So it should be yours of the most holy anything, set aside from the fire: all offering off theirs, all grain giving away from theirs and every sin offering out of theirs and every guilt giving out-of theirs, which they bring in my opinion, should be most holy for you and their sons. ten When you look at the a the majority of holy lay shall you eat it. Most of the men get eat it; it’s holy to you. eleven This was your own: the fresh new share of its provide, all revolution choices of the people of Israel. You will find offered them to your, in order to their sons and you may girl along with you, as a continuous owed. Men who is clean inside your home will get eat it. a dozen Good luck of petroleum as well as a knowledgeable of the drink and of the cereals, the newest firstfruits away from what they give god, I share with you. 13 The original mature fresh fruit of all that is in their land, that they provide god, is going to be your. Individuals who is brush inside your home may eat they. fourteen The faithful thing in Israel will be a. 15 Exactly what reveals the brand new womb of all flesh, whether or not man otherwise beast, which they render towards the LORD, is your. sixteen As well as their redemption rate (at 1 month dated you’ll receive him or her) you’ll augment within five shekels 2 when you look at the gold, with respect to the shekel of your sanctuary, that is twenty gerahs. 17 However the firstborn away from an effective cow, and/or firstborn out of a good sheep, or the firstborn out of a goat, you’ll perhaps not redeem; they are holy. You shall jet their blood into the altar and you will shall burn the weight since the a lunch providing, with a pleasing scent to your LORD. 18 But their flesh is your, just like the breast that’s waved so that as just the right thigh is your. 19 All the holy benefits your individuals of Israel expose towards the LORD I share with you, in order to their sons and daughters along with you, while the a perpetual due. It is an excellent covenant off salt forever until the LORD to possess you and to suit your young ones to you.” 20 As well as the LORD considered Aaron, “You shall haven’t any heredity within land, neither will you really have any section among them. I’m your part as well as your inheritance among the many folks of Israel.

21 To your Levites We have provided all the tithe in the Israel to possess a heredity, in return for the provider which they do, its services from the tent away from meeting, 22 therefore the folks of Israel do not come near the new tent out-of appointment, lest it happen sin and you can perish. 23 Although Levites will do the services of your own tent of conference, as well as should sustain the iniquity. twenty-four With the tithe of those of Israel, that they establish given that a contribution toward LORD, I have made available to the fresh Levites to have an inheritance. Therefore i said of these which they will haven’t any genetics among individuals of Israel.”

25 Together with LORD spoke so you’re able to Moses, claiming, twenty-six “More over, you’ll chat and you may tell new Levites, ‘When taking on the folks of Israel the fresh new tithe that We have provided you from them for the heredity, then chances are you will present a share of it into LORD, an excellent tithe of tithe. twenty seven And your share might be measured to you personally as if it was new cereals of the threshing flooring, and as the new fullness of your own winepress. twenty-eight So that you will along with introduce a sum for the LORD from all of your current tithes, that you receive regarding the people of Israel. And from it you shall allow the LORD’s share in order to Aaron new priest. 31 Out of all the gift suggestions for you, you shall introduce all share as a result of the LORD; of for every single their best benefit https://datingranking.net/xmeeting-review/ is going to be loyal.’ 30 Therefore you will say to her or him, ‘When you have considering from it the best of it, then your others would be counted towards the Levites given that generate of one’s threshing floor, and as create of your own winepress. 30 And you may consume it in almost any place, you and your properties, for it will be your prize in return for the provider inside this new tent away from meeting. thirty-two While will bear no sin by the need from it, when you yourself have provided the best of it. However should not profane the fresh holy anything of those from Israel, lest you die.’”

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